• Night, Puchong

    After dinner, while waiting for Inez from her ballet class, I walked about, with my Leica.  Just to put what I have learn from sifus such as Mathias Heng, Fulvio Bugani and Izwan Ismail into practice. I have taken pictures of the same place before, but that time I was experimenting the Leica. This time, I came with some ideas of what I wanted to capture.  Love the results. I edited the pictures a bit using the Lightroom on my iPad Pro. I think it is great to view Puchong at night, from different perspective. When it comes to Puchong, often many would think of it as messy, jam, food…

  • Walking with Leica at night in Bandar Puchong Jaya.

    Our dear daughter has the ballet class at night, for an hour of waiting, instead of like most of the parents would do – waiting at the cafe or the ballet school with their phones, I chose to walk about, to digest the dinner I just had with Inez.  Better still, I brought the Leica along, as well as Fleet Foxes, streamed wirelessly on the bluetooth earphones. I talked to the helper at the food trucks before taking these pictures, as I think street photography should be given utmost care in terms of people privacy.  No one should be photographed without knowing that they are. I walked to the food…

  • Things to do at night to clear my head

    Thursday night, after a long and stressful day at work, I decided to head out for a walk about while waiting for Inez to finish her ballet class. So, I ended up at the new overhead bridge of Puchong Jaya LRT station.  I tested the longer exposure, and the result – so great! I just need to improve the noise reduction as well as clarity of the static objects, if such things exist.

  • Pick Up Lines

    I am not a busy body. I was attending an award presentation ceremony last night, while waiting for the actual to begin, despite my love of meeting people with the like mind, seldom I found anyone in an event as such to talk about what me and the persons would have the same common conversation, so I ended up sitting at a quiet lounge.  It was quite until a guy started talking on the phone, loudly. 

  • Let’s Ride

    It has been a while since I join a group of cyclists for a ride, more so a night ride. To equip myself for the ride, I got my self more LED lights for the front and rear for the Scott. I first got to know Puchong Cyclist through ProRide, a bicycle centre located in Bandar Puteri Puchong.  We bought Elijah’s mountain bike from the centre.  Just like BikePro, it is a community centre for the bicycle enthusiasts, everyone know everyone, sharing of advice, knowledge, all under one roof.  Because of the distance, I seldom visit BikePro now. Through ProRide, we have bought cycling jerseys for Elijah and Ariel, misc…