• Olga, Olgie, O..

    We missed Jackie dearly.  For some months, we do not have any pet nor dog neither cat at our home.  We kept the space for Jackie.  Kind of like reserved for her.  We did not touch much of the house where Jackie loved to sleep, when we were doing the home facelifting some months ago. We are not the best pet owner around, probably not even on the same level with the neighbours who will take their dogs for a walk daily, and taking the dogs to poo at some other people’s house front gates.  Well, we kept Jackie at home, she loved being at home, sometimes, we took her…

  • Again, Parenting

    Often I have been asked if we are planning to have more kids, or rather more Tan-Vijayan to our family. Even today, I was asked again by someone I met the first time. The answer is, so long my dear wife has to go through the pregnancy all over again, it is a definitely no. If adoption, maybe.  However, unlikely at the moment. For animal – cats, dogs, yep. Why? Simple. 

  • Teaching Olga

    Welcome Olga Tan Kenobi, our standard Poodle, 7 weeks old. Naughty, that sums up everything I want to say about her. However, I have given myself a challenge – teaching her, no.