• Amps Air

    Have been admiring the wireless earpods, but did not find I like.  Tried the Apple EarPods when I was in Tokyo, find it kind of weird, to have earphones cord being cut off. While I was at Bic Camera in Osaka, a night before heading home to KL, I bought Sol Republic Amps Air. I first tried Sol Republic in 2012, when I was in Singapore for a work trip.  Before boarding I walked into tax free electronic shop to get a pair earphones for me to enjoy some music while coming back to KL.  I picked it. Sol Republic and I did not end up well.  The microphone constantly…

  • 仕事に戻る, Back to Work

    After a really nice and fun holiday in Osaka, Kyoto, Hammatsu, Tokyo, Shinjuku etc in Japan, now we are back to work.  Although we managed to get some of the work done while in Japan, but we are now back on full force. A short break away from the country and learning from Japan – culture, way how people work, serve etc, is a really good break for me and Retna.  We learn so much more just by observing on the people. I like Japan, certainly will return again, more so to Osaka, Kyoto. God’s willing.

  • For the First Time, Apple Store, Finally.

    Have read about Apple Store, not just many time, but always. Ok, I confessed that I am a Apple user. Alright, I am devoted to Apple products.  Please allow me to clarify that I am devoted to God 🙂 So, the tour manager informed me that he would bring me to Apple Store while we are in Ginza, Japan.  Well, I did not wait for Ginza, I found the Apple Store in Osaka, which was like 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel that we were staying.

  • Takoyaki [たこ焼き]

    Had it many times in Kuala Lumpur as well as in Petaling Jaya, was recommended by the tour manager to try it as Takoyaki is very popular in Osaka, Japan. For 8 pieces the selling price is 500 Yen. I like the taste of this snack, as it gives you some kind of warm feeling of eating it. Retna and I thought it would be a waste if we d not try it in Osaka.  Well, we did, on a cold night.