• Pray for Prey

    Coming from a parent. I love our kids, although some time I am tempted to put them up for adoption. I seldom allow our kids to go to the public toilet alone.  Even for our twins sons.  I don’t. I noticed elderly love to touch our twins, I especially pay attention when it is the male elderly.  They love to touch them and groped their bodies.  I generally will stop the elderly from going on politely, by pulling our twins back.  Later we will talk to the twins about possible sexual harassment which they may had encountered. As parents, we need to be honest and transparent about everything, including the…

  • Birthday.

    I first discovered Sky Dining at Troika when I was looking for places to have meals with Retna, on special occasions, such as birthday, anniversary.  Just like everything and everyone else would have done – I Google-d for suggestions. The place is by 2 dudes with experience in restaurant opening, selling them, then open new ones. Cantaloupe is located on the 23A floor of Troika, one needs the access card to reach the floor, from the security team. The view is great if not blocked by advertisement billboards. The lunch menu is determined once a month, focusing on French cuisine and presentation.  If you fancy great food accompanied with great…

  • Planning your off springs future, better don’t do it yourself, alone

    What I love about Kuen Cheng High School, the school updates parents what’s going on with the children as well as what parents could learn a thing or two together, with some help. So, Saturday was one of the many things the school does for the students and the parents.  This time, to plan the off spring future.  The session is done by Mr. Tan, the regular speaker for radio station, seminars, workshops.  He is also the head of counselling of the school.  A really nice teacher to talk and work with. The take home messages below:- Don’t spoil your kids with unlimited supply of education funds Don’t let your…

  • Typing, is fun again

    I have a typewriter, from my father, he bought it I think 50 years ago, for him to type stuff.  I am not sure what he used it for, but I remember using the typewriter for my resume, applying a short term work with Kerry’s Supermarket, and later applying a job with a webpage design company. I also used the typewriter to complete the school project, mainly the English and Bahasa Malaysia ones, which required some neat work, instead of hand writing.  Not that my hand writing is any bad.

  • Visiting Kuen Cheng, again

    #626 was the open day for Kuen Cheng High School.  We went to Kuen Cheng many times, in fact all the times for something, let me put it, less pleasant moments, mainly someone would had something to complain about the twins. We have met most of the teachers, senior assistants at Kuen Cheng, except the principal, because we are not in the large donors category…  BTW, KC principal and my mother, used to be classmate.

  • Growing Old, Older

    For the past few months I have been troubled with this thing about growing older and ability of handling being old. I am serious. The reason I have this thought is that while I am communicating with my mother, it becomes really heart breaking whenever I have a conversation with her, be it on the phone or face to face. 

  • Outsourcing Parenting

    I am living next to a parent with young kids, like below 5 and 1.  Daily, when I am at home, I could hear the screaming matched between the mother and the kids.  They screamed from the loudest voice, to compete for the loudest lungs.  And, for us, we suffer, badly. The screaming actually not only day time, but night time too, with the chorus from the father.  More screaming, some time, midnight, I could hear they screamed at each other about who to handle the crying kids etc. I am in no position to comment neither to advise the neighbours to keep their voice down, however, I could blog…

  • How to spend weekend(s)

    When Retna and I started @aboutcom_my in 2002, we did not have any weekend to spend for ourselves more so with the kids. We spent most of the weekends, working.  Meeting ends meet.  It’s not that easy now as well.  But, we learn one thing from many of our clients.  When you do not take a break for yourself, some day, you may break. So, we put aside weekend, if we can, many of the weekends, to be at home for each other, and also for the kids.  Not to forget, the two dogs (used to be one, now fostering mom in law’s dog for time being) too.