• A walk in the park

    From Wikipedia. Royal Botanic Gardens, Peradeniya are about 5.5 km to the west of the city of Kandy in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. It attracts 2 million visitors annually.  It is near the Mahaweli River (the longest in Sri Lanka).  It is renowned for its collection of orchids. The garden includes more than 4000 species of plants, including orchids, spices, medicinal plants and palm trees.  Attached to it is the National Herbarium of Sri Lanka. The total area of the botanical garden is 147 acres (0.59 km2), at 460 meters above sea level, and with a 200-day annual rainfall. It is managed by the Division of National Botanic Gardens of…

  • RM1 Food Fair, My First

    Kimball, a household name in sauces for more than 40 years in Malaysia held its first one-day picnic-in-the-park styled food fest that added drama to the ‘good food’ list of foodies, families and fans in the Klang Valley, at Setia City Park, Shah Alam, today. Thousands of people tucked into a variety of Kimball-icious dishes, as Pesta Makan-Makan Kimball made a dramatically delicious debut.

  • There Are Days Impossible Becomes Possible

    I have not been to KLCC Park for some time. Mainly I do not have the time neither the convenience, because the twins had many Saturdays that they do not have schools. Anyway, these 2 weeks, they would have schools on Saturday and I took one of the Saturdays to visit the KLCC Park, and of course to run.

  • Playing Time, @ Dr. Seuss Park

    Thanks to Fredy and Wendy, for their kind recommendation, we took the kids to Dr. Seuss Park, which is also known as Kadidjiny Park, located on the corner of Curtis and Kitchener Streets in Melville, Perth. It is about 20 mins drive from the Perth CBD, where we were staying during the Perth visit.

  • While sons sat for enrolment exams, we went to visit butterflies

    Elijah and Ariel were scheduled to sit for their enrolment exam into a Chinese secondary school this morning, and instead of waiting at the school for 4.5 hours, or more, Retna and I brought Inez to visit butterfly park. We used to have more time to take our sons to everywhere when they were growing up, perhaps we had more time then 🙂 Well, last time we came here was like 10 years ago.  

  • Numb, Nay. Seriously.

    The concert was first reported in June, and Retna informed me about it.  I was kind of excited as the last LP Live in Malaysia, about 10 years ago, I did not go, mainly did not want to pay the super expensive ticket price.  Anyway, since I have proven to my family that I am really a LP fan (although I can not sing all their songs), I gave it a go. I got the VIP ticket, hoping with the LP Underground membership, I could join the meet & greet session (well, obviously I did not), I left my pass at home.  Ok, to be precise I actually do not…

  • Can possibly make ABC, except no coconut milk

    Owakudani (大涌谷), a hotspring sightseeing spot in Hakone National Park, which took the bus driver about an hour to turn us in circle, of which we could possibly considered as blessed, as no one in the bus actually made any ‘present’ (a.k.a. from phewing) throughout the journey. It reminds me of the drive heading up to Balik Pulau, Genting, Cameron Highland and Frasers’ Hill. We were briefed by the tour manager that it was -2 degrees when we arrived at the bus stop.  But, in my opinion, I felt it was more like -5 or 6 degrees, because it was really cold.