• Innovate, or Die

    Seldom visit a Pasar Malam (Night Market), but I did last night when I took a short break from the usual hustles.  Mainly I thought I would find dinner here, anyway, I ended walking about instead of eating here.  Mainly, hygiene.  Just recovered from a bad stomach situation few days ago.  

  • Visiting a night market

    I love night photography.  I am still new at this topic. So I went for one session at the Taman OUG night market on Thursday to take some pictures. I also invited twins to join me as they love street food. I did not take much pictures in this walk. It is not that great place to do so, maybe I need to come another day.  The roads are not closed for the night market, so it is kind of dangerous to walk and take pictures. I ended up buying some food for dinner. Well, food sucks.  

  • Tasty Meal, Unpleasant Experience

    It’s Saturday again. Today has been a day for me to rest in the morning and light chat moment with mother.  I was then handling the laundry and clothes folding for the week, before heading for another nap of the week. After waking up, both Elijah and Ariel suggested to have dinner at Jalan Lazat night market, of which the fried carrot cake has been their favorite, followed by very sweet ‘longan’ beverage. After a quick meal with them, we walked over to a stall specialised in calamari and on-the-spot fried peanut to get some snacks for Retna who was at home, resting and catching up on television programme. Had…