• I Got The Steel

    I have a Pebble, which I bought from one of the developer in Malaysia, whom happened to buy an extra set.  I used it for a while, until I noticed the screen seems rather hard to read when I am using my polarised sunglasses.  So, I have been thinking of selling it.  But, I still have it with me, maybe I could use it for running, cycling.

  • Maturing Pebble

    Ok, I love Pebble, more than I love MetaWatch. Displaying too much information on the screen while the watch is idle is not really my kind of idea to have a smartwatch.  For me, displaying time, and perhaps local weather info, good enough.

  • P Pe Peb Pebb Pebbl Pebble Experience

    Pebble, which started from kickstarter successfully, probably many of the backers were eager to try a wearable technology, however, I some how feel Samsung Galaxy Gear may have done it some how better – for one thing, the voice. I am not a fan of Samsung, but I think the ambitious plan it has seems to be some how what a smart watch should be.  Well, this is my opinion, you should disagree with me, if you like to. Bought the Pebble from a fire sale after the seller brought in too many units and not too sure what to do with it, also the time when Pebble announced in…