• Loving Citroen

    The very first time we bought a Citroen was in 2009, when we needed a true family car to usher the arrival of our daughter – Inez.  So we went shopping for the right family car, and after some months, we booked Citroen Grand C4 Picasso from Brooklands Motor Sdn Bhd, which was located at Jalan Chow Sow Lin, a really large showroom and service centre. In the next 3-4 years, so many things happened to Brooklands Motor, you can read about it, here and here.

  • Great Car, With Services To Be Desired (Much)

    A compact car, is highly suitable for the city usage.  We are working in a sub urban area while many meetings and media events are being held in city centre.  So having a car which we could move about, is crucial. Deciding on the car was easy, not to get any Japanese, Malaysia nor Korean. Locked down some models – French, German and in fact quite a few Germans.  However, went with French instead. This was where the decision could have been re-routed, if given a choice.

  • Talking about customer service

    How often you encountered good customer service? Ok now, how often you encountered bad customer service? Before we all fighting and get our panties in a twist, whether you are happy with the customer service or not. Let’s look at what Singaporean has to say about customer service satisfaction, which was conducted by Singapore Management University’s Institute of Service Excellence.

  • Love the car, dislike the after sales service

    Not the first time I am complaining about Peugeot after sales service. Contacted the service centre and was told I could come over to let the technical team to diagnose the problem I have.  Got there, waited for more than an hour and then no one to attend to my problem. When I approached the technical team, their standard reply, “Someone will attend to you,”

  • Sick Minds @ KLIA2

    Instead of taking a cab to KLIA2, we decided to drive there. Maybe that was a bad decision, however, which proven to be right.

  • I may be unhappy, but I found solution with Citroen, Peugeot

    After reading the news on Volkswagen Owners Voice Grievances At Volkswagen Group Malaysia Headquarters, I understand the frustration of buying an expensive car (ok for some or perhaps many out there, anything below RM300k is still consider cheap), when the after sales service and maintenance does not live up on par with the pre-sales campaign, which in a way VW is the most aggressive foreign car brand in pushing sales, it is really a major headache. 

  • Lion inspection, 1st time

    There is absolutely no doubt that there are many Pugs (aka Peugeot) around in Malaysia, more so in Puchong. I have been to the Peugeot service center just after a week of having the new fleet.  You can read more about my experiences here & here.