• #LifeWithMetal

    Flash Plus 2, a new member of the Flash family, is formally launched in Malaysia last month. Apart from inheriting the superb photographing genes of the Flash family, this all-new premium product comes as a perfect combination of “hardware” and “software”, featuring metal framework and supporting fingerprint, fast-charging and HiFi while being configured with Helio P10 processor, 5.5” screen and stock Android M operating system. With the formal Flash Plus 2 retail sales started on May 24, consumers will be able to get their 2GB new smart phones first on Lazada, Southeast Asia’s number one online shopping, at the price of RM599. 

  • Changed, iPhone 6S Plus

    The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were made available to Malaysian market on the October 16. One of @aboutcom_my clients asked me, am I getting it.  My reply, if I could get it online, I will.

  • The Wait Is Over, iPhone 6S Plus

    I am not as much excited as I was when I first got the iPhone 6 Plus, with a kind friend bought it for me in Australia last year when it was first available there. Since then, I have used it for coming to a year without much complain, as Apple has made a great phone, without comprising much.

  • Ain’t an Olympian, but I like being one :)

    My first cycling helmet was bought by Retna 5 years ago, when we were working on a duathlon PR project.  Since then I have been using the same Bell wherever I cycled.  Have been to places like East Coast, Northern region and of course home ground – Klang Valley. Have been looking around for helmet of my choice – safety features, durability, styles and price. Most of the helmets are made in China, even though from well known brands established in Europe and America. Tried several of them – GIRO, Catlike, MET, Rudy Project and Scott. Like the Rudy Project, Catlike and GIRO especially Catlike, because of the shape and…

  • Weekend that seems long now it’s @ the end, but great

    Have waited for the long holiday, of which many have enjoyed and now is the time to get back to work, school etc. We planned on a home stay, but was affected when found out the place we stay does not have air-conditioner and the weather has been very hot, of which baby Inez might not be able to handle at such young age. We ended up having family visitation to our house as well as to mom’s, sister in laws etc. The fellowship has been great, off course the food as well.