• Having a pet at home

    By now you would have known that we are currently fostering a toy poodle belongs to my mother in law, whom at the moment is recovering from her fall happened some months ago.  It was a bit of a challenge for her to take care of Manikam during this time. So, since Manikam was a gift from me and Retna, we decided to take him back for now, until our mother is ready to have him back. Manikam, a 2 year old toy poodle, we found him through a friend, when our mother decided to have a pet to live with her. The process of finding him was like God’s…

  • Glad and Happy for #ManiKam

    The time has arrived. ManiKam will be with my mother in law this weekend, as we were out in a mission to assist her to find a dog to accompany her while she is at home. The search went on for few months as we were checking with friends whom may have small dogs for adoption.  Took us few weeks to convince the ManiKam’s parents and owners to let us adopt him.

  • Teaching Olga

    Welcome Olga Tan Kenobi, our standard Poodle, 7 weeks old. Naughty, that sums up everything I want to say about her. However, I have given myself a challenge – teaching her, no.