• Visited Fremantle Prison

    When Pudu Jail was open for the visitation, we did not go, mainly it has such poor review with the tour as well as risks imposed during the visit. So, when our twins read about Fremantle Prison, a history of convicts about Australia, we took the opportunity to visit the place.  With the experience we had thus far in Australia, the heritage site tour should be informative and educative for all. Glad we made the right choice. 

  • Questions from Sons

    Had serious discussion with both sons yesterday about their behaviors of which might affect their future.  This discussion continued even though have been quite busy at work, as this session with the sons are important. Would not reveal what we discussed but would like to share some of the questions asked by them during the break like lunch or dinner yesterday and today. Let’s begin:- 1. What is oral sex? Why is it illegal in Malaysia? [they read newspapers on daily basis, and these interesting words appeared to them] 2. How’s prison like? [when saw someone being sentenced to jail in news] 3. Why drug is illegal? Then, why government…