• Lessons Learnt From Owning A Piece Of New Apartment

    I love our weekend home.  We did not intend to buy a weekend home, neither we ever thought of we will be doing it in our life.  Weekend home is really a nice term for many, we happened to have one, after we had lunch at a place which was close to the property developer showcase, of which we paid the deposit without much consideration.  You may say it is impulse buying. Like the official story we shared with everyone, we actually visited the showcase to collect the information for aboutcom’s colleagues, whom have been looking for their first home purchase.  It is true.  Just that none of them bought…

  • Million Reasons

    Always wonder how much it would cost to live in high end neighbourhood, so decided to follow a friend to check out the neighbourhood as well as to attend a property discussion and 6 course fine dining sit down dinner. The project is an already completed premier and high end condominium, which is located nearby one of my favourite spots, Publika.