• I wish I could explore more.

    I took a train with no particular direction, as I had about an hour to spare. Instead of the regular places that I would walk to, explore, I decided to randomly hop on a train, and explore the places which I could see and visit, in that one hour. So I came off the station at PPR Kampung Muhibbah. BTW, PPR stands for Program Perumahan Rakyat. From what I remember, when my father enquired with the city council about renting a unit when we were about to be chased out by the land lord at our old flat, due to my parents unable to pay the monthly rent. I overheard…

  • Learning about nakedness

    Naked, is a taboo. While my mother does not allow me to see her naked while I was growing up, as she told me, it is not right, because I should not see any woman without the clothes on. I wanted to tell my mom that I have seen her naked when I was born, and same goes for her, she has seen me naked as a child. I used to swim in the public pool in Kuala Lumpur, where I used to encounter naked men bathing, walking about.  I used to think it was strange where these men wanted someone to look at them naked. However, I took nakedness…

  • Working Together, Team Husband-And-Wife

      Retna and I have been working together since 2001.  Working together as in the same company.  For us it is a bit unique, we started the company together, and then working together. So for the past 15 years, working together, do we have things or issues we could not agree and see eye to eye?  Sure, we had.

  • Tried Uber

    I am always fond for public transport, more so when I could get into one which I could walk and save some time between meetings for work or just doing my own errands. Where I am living and working at #welcometopuchong land, there is not much public transport averrable within the walking distance.  The nearest would be 3km away, which can imagine how hot and dangerous it would be walking on the roads.  More so, the Puchong roads have limited or no shoulder walk way.  So, pretty much we are walking on faith.

  • Brand Killers

    Seldom I share about work, mainly there is not much I want to talk about due to secrecy of our work. However, I will share from time to time about the marketing, public relations, especially what I have observed.  Hope something we could share our experiences. So let’s kick start the session with brand killer.

  • 2 Greatest Advices I Got This Year

    2012 is coming to a close. I have been thinking what would be the best way to sum up my blog with what has been going on, highlights, low lights, things I achieved, things I screwed up, badly etc.  I just thought might as well focus on best things I have learn this year.  So, I would like to share with you, 2 greatest advices I learn this year. Being a public relations practitioner, I sat in many media interviews, media conferences, questions and answers sessions, being a mediator, facilitator for clients, I picked up somethings which clients have shared with media as well as what they have spoke personally.…