• God of War fans, you in for a treat

    To celebrate the highly anticipated release of the latest instalment of PlayStation® 4 video game God of War, 4FINGERS Crispy Chicken will be having a month-long promotional event complete with a game demo console[1]and giveaways.

  • Guardian推介Botaneco Garden有机坚果橄榄油个人护理系列, 环保的身体护理概念

    许多有环保意识的消费人偏好天然的美容方案,为了满足他们的需求,马来西亚规模最大的西药房兼保健及美容零售连锁商店Guardian推出全新的Botaneco Garden有机坚果橄榄油个人护理系列。此推介礼在双威金字塔购物广场的Delicious举行,并以植物园的主题反映出系列主要成分萃取自大自然的产品概念。 

  • Go to hell, @DiGi_Telco

    Registered for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) from DiGi to Celcom on Tuesday. Before I could request for MNP, I have to ‘whitelist’ myself from DiGi.  One wireless broadband that I signed up in January and terminated on April this year, which I have made full payment in order to have the account terminated, DiGi personnel at Sunway Pyramid failed to tell me, remaining pro-rated billing.  The system did not pick up my termination for whatever reason, I was charged for one full month of payment, which is RM130. So, this so called outstanding payment RM130, put me into the telco’s blacklist.  Paid RM130 to DiGi at Sunway Pyramid (again) on…