• Blending Health, Convenience, Possible?

    I once went on a trip of fasting, after I learn from a Finnish expert of health, he came in Malaysia many years back.  I attended his session (FOC), which he shared on the idea of fasting, without food for days, just plain water.  I tried, it seems to work.  I forgot his name by now, I was 14 that time. However, the fast I did recently (some years back) was the pray for the nation, I did the half and full day fast, and praying for the nation. As the Ramadan is drawing closer, which is about sometime next month, we will be seeing many Muslim around the world…

  • Antabax dan MYDIN Menerajui Kempen Wash-Eat-Wash Sempena Ramadan

    Antabax, rangkaian produk penjagaan diri yang diyakini dan dipercayai bersama Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd, pemilik rangkaian runcit MYDIN, akan bergabung tenaga melancarkan kempen unik Wash-Eat-Wash (WEWA) sempena Ramadan ke seluruh negara bagi melindungi mereka yang membeli-belah ketika bulan puasa. Kempen tersebut dilancarkan di Hypermarket MYDIN USJ.

  • While Waiting for Inez, They’ve Grown

    When someone says, “Time flies.”  I could not agree more. While walking with Elijah and Ariel at the Pasar Ramadan earlier, they asked if they could buy some Malay kueh before dinner.  When Elijah paid for his kueh, he asked the makcik the price and then he took out his wallet to pay for it.  I just realised that so long they have the money, I am no longer required to pay for them. I have always thought of them as small babies  🙂 I guess our decision to hand them wallet with money has taught them how to use money as well as saving it. May God continue to…

  • Prevention is Better than Cure

    As the local transmission of A(H1N1) virus increases, Malaysians are being reminded to practice proper hand washing techniques as a way of reducing the risk of transmission to themselves, their families and the community at large. This is why the Antabax antibacterial soap range has launched the ‘Antabax – Your 1st Line of Defence Against Germs’ awareness and education campaign in conjunction with major transport hub KL Sentral Station ahead of the peak travel season during Ramadan and Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.  This education and awareness programme is supported by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.