• Promotes Diversity

    I have heard about Dato’ Dina for sometime, as he was the main person of Milo in Malaysia.  Never thought I will have the opportunity to meet him in person.  Thanks to the Antabax and Lam Soon team, we met finally and had a good session on talking about some plans together, which will be reviewed as time comes. So, here is the press release on the collaboration between Antabax and Sports Unite.

  • Visiting Older Part of Rawang (for the first time)

    Have been wanting to visit the older part of Rawang for some time, actually as long as my mother has moved there with my brother. Never had the chance, mainly my brother constantly told me that the direction heading there was jam, under construction etc. Well, I managed to convinced him to show us the older part of Rawang, today. We drove passed the Jalan Welman, which is a busy part of Rawang Town, filled with many Indian outlets, which prices are comparatively cheaper than Brickfields.  What a surprise.  Perhaps,  most people would have head to Brickfields for stuff related to Indian custom, Diwali etc.  Good that we dropped by…

  • It’s Done!

    Just so happy and excited for Beng on the day of his wedding ceremony. Elijah, Ariel and I arrived at Beng’s home at 0830 after feeding the two hungry stomachs at KFC, NKVE. It is a wonderful and rather nice day today with great weather and warm welcome by my aunties from Bukit Mertajam.  They fed us once we arrived with the famous home made pork roll or also known as ‘lo bak’.

  • Inez Meets Grandmothers :)

    My mother visited us yesterday after many days of travelling with Beng to the north handing over Beng’s wedding card invitation. Beng’s wedding is on November 15, 09, which is like another three weeks away.  Ariel will be assisting in the car door opening when they are coming back from bride’s home to their new home in Emerald West, Rawang.

  • Meeting Future Family In-Law (of My Brother) + Useful Tips

    After months of arrangement, we finally had the opportunity to meet my brother’s future family in-law. Also it is quite close to the wedding date, thus making this meeting absolutely necessary. Despite the excitement of having new family – meeting my brother’s father-in-law and mother-in-law, we also have the opportunity to meet sister-in-law of the father-in-law.  However, the father-in-law was obviously an interesting person to meet.  He is an owner of a restaurant, father of 3 daughters and 1 son.  An Hainanese who was English educated, and also interested to find out why people would engaged someone like a public relations consultant for the company.  He was even curious to…

  • Wonderful Emerald West

    Finally, my brother Soo Beng has decided where he would like to settle after his wedding on November – Emerald West, Kota Emerald, Rawang. Before going to Emerald West for the first time, Soo Beng got me to help in monitoring the transporters and movers in the moving of house from Cheras to Emerald West.  When I got there, I was told that the transporters only sent one mover.  So Soo Beng, his colleague and I were the official movers  🙁 Anyway, we got most of it done before I returned to change, heading for Cinnamon Home Fellowship lunch + discussion at Fredy and Wendy’s home. We went to Emerald…