• Raya Open House as Main Contest Prize

    Kimball invited Celebrity Chef Fikree and paid a visit to the home of the grand prize winners for their latest Raya contest bearing scrumptious feast using recipes from their campaign ‘Kimball Mudah dan Lazat, Hati Terpikat’. Kimball organized a “Win A Raya Feast with Celebrity Chef Fikree” to reach out and reward loyal Kimball consumers for their continuous support towards Kimball, especially during this festive season. This also gives the winners a chance to invite their family and friends over to enjoy a Kimball Raya feast without the stress of organizing one. The two loyal Kimball consumers who won themselves a memorable Kimball feast with Celebrity Chef Fikree were En…

  • Blending Health, Convenience, Possible?

    I once went on a trip of fasting, after I learn from a Finnish expert of health, he came in Malaysia many years back.  I attended his session (FOC), which he shared on the idea of fasting, without food for days, just plain water.  I tried, it seems to work.  I forgot his name by now, I was 14 that time. However, the fast I did recently (some years back) was the pray for the nation, I did the half and full day fast, and praying for the nation. As the Ramadan is drawing closer, which is about sometime next month, we will be seeing many Muslim around the world…

  • Celebrate Hari Raya Online, Securely with Kaspersky Lab

    Hari Raya is weeks away, and there will be much to do before, during and after the festivities. Aside from shopping, fasting, feasting and planning the ‘Balik Kampung’ journey, security should and will also be heavy on our minds. We know that we need to lock and secure our homes, possibly with a home security system. We might place our valuables in a safety deposit box at home, or at the bank. We might even inform the local police to include our home on their patrols.

  • Look Perfectly Put Together This Hari Raya with Timeless Luxury Accessories From Reebonz

    Many of us who will be celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri and hosting or going to numerous open houses, would have picked out the fabric and colors for each day’s ensemble, or we may have bought off-the-rack, while the rest of us are still searching, and growing increasingly frantic!

  • Good Break, though not much work done

    A long weekend, though I was working on the first day of Raya, it did not last really long. I ended up doing more meeting neighbors, mother and brother instead. Also had a great time taking our Filipino helpers to go shopping. Of course to walk about all the famous and popular tourist landmarks in Malaysia. All right, all ready for Monday!

  • Tour de KL [Raya Edition]

    Thanks to Redza Ibrahim for the suggestion to ride in the Kuala Lumpur city centre, of which on normal days, must be crazily mad to actually do that [other than Share our Road, of which was possible, thanks to the organizer and traffic police, but no thanks to some idiotic cyclists whom tried to be heroes by overtaking the marshals]. Redza planned similar ride during the first day of Chinese New Year, of which we had such a great time. Back to today’s ride. We started at 7am, rolling from Bank of China open car park, also which is right in front of Boh Plantation Berhad office.  Assembled and pictures…

  • Showing Kids the Sacrificial Lambs of the Country on Eid al-Adha

    After breakfast on Wednesday morning, we brought the entire family to Tugu Negara (National Monument), situated next to the Malaysian Parliament building. It was quite an experience as this is one place where my parents have brought us to when I was four, my first year in Kuala Lumpur, after shifted from Bukit Mertajam, after my father was transferred here. After 30 plus years, I am back there again with my mother as my father has passed on.  But this time with my wife, sons, daughter as well as our Cambodian helper.