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    Dirty Mee, a famous eatery in Lukut, before I continue, you are wondering the name. “Dirty?” you would ask. “Yes.  Nothing to do with the cleanliness of the place nor the food.” I would reply. Dirty Mee 拉渣面 was originally a stall setup next to a garbage dump.  The noodle was so famous, hand made, something like wan tan noodle, but not the same.    拉渣 means dirty.  Because the stall was next to the garbage, so it is called that, as easy to remember. Could be mistaken as Pan Mee, again no. However, the texture is more like wan tan noodle, I would say. We have been here before.…

  • 港潮私房菜, 也许是私人菜

    We attended a dinner hosted by a foreign bank few weeks back at Gong Chew Kitchen, Bandar Puteri Puchong.  During the dinner, we tasted some of the dishes, but not all, as it was a social and casual dining session, and we did not stay till the end of the menu, as we had to rush off to fetch our daughter. So the thought of trying the food there not for social purpose arouse, we found Friday night was kind of okay for me, Retna and Inez to dine there.  So, we went.  Called in advance to make a reservation, which the team was calling me non-stop while I was…

  • Seeing The Unseen

    Retna and I (probably the Tan-Vijayans too) love to join a local tour, wherever we are.  It is a good way to get to know the cities or the places we are at. Actually the first ever walking tour we joined for our own traveling – Sydney, a free walking tour, which at the end of the tour (after 3 hours), the tour guide will ask for a tip, which we happily gave.  Then when we moved to Melbourne, we did the same too, this time, about 3.5 hours.  We got to know so much about Melbourne and it was really worth to pay (tip) the guide.  It was also…

  • Tan-Vijayans @ Ganga Cafe

    I love Indian food.  Nothing to do with marrying a Sri Lankan. The very first time when I had Indian food was in Georgetown.  My late uncle fetched me from the airport and took me for lunch at a banana leaf restaurant, which was a new experience for me.  I grew up in Kuala Lumpur since I was 4.  I have never been living outside of the place.  So kind of like a city boy, now man. He told me, you will like the banana leaf meal, once I have tried it.  True enough, I fell in love with the Indian food, more so the rice and curry served with…

  • Tried Viet

    Between Thai food and Vietnamese, I always prefer the earlier. Why?  More my kind of taste as it serves with pork, mainly.  Not that Vietnamese do not like pork, but they are much better with beef, which I generally prefer to have beef with burger. So Retna and I walked along the restaurant at SetiaWalk, as we wanted to buy some fruits after the lunch at RedTicks. The owner of Absolute Viet came out approaching and explaining the signature dishes of the restaurant.  We stopped and listened to the explanation. Before long, we looked at the owner, said, “Yes, we will have it.”

  • Dinner at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant

    We love Jamie Oliver’s shows.  Used to watch so much of it whenever I was in my in law’s home in Johor, because it was showing in Singapore’s TV station. His approach to food, simple, make your own kind of approaches always encourage me to make our own meals. His approach towards healthier food recently also draws much attention. So, since we were in Perth, we found this restaurant while we were walking back from the art gallery. 

  • I Got The Steel

    I have a Pebble, which I bought from one of the developer in Malaysia, whom happened to buy an extra set.  I used it for a while, until I noticed the screen seems rather hard to read when I am using my polarised sunglasses.  So, I have been thinking of selling it.  But, I still have it with me, maybe I could use it for running, cycling.