• There Are Days Impossible Becomes Possible

    I have not been to KLCC Park for some time. Mainly I do not have the time neither the convenience, because the twins had many Saturdays that they do not have schools. Anyway, these 2 weeks, they would have schools on Saturday and I took one of the Saturdays to visit the KLCC Park, and of course to run.

  • Ok done the 10KM run, my first ever

    Ok, not my first 10KM, as I have participated in some runs in the past while I was still in school, however, none of the run I complete them.  I mean running from the start till the end before giving up half way.  Certificate also really malu to collect.  Since I did not complete the run, so for what I want to show off. Until recent years, I started cycling and running.  I have gathered few medals in the race as well as rides I participated, but none of them is for run.

  • FitBit Moment New Feature on iOS

    Ok, I am proud to share that I have loss 3kg after I have been actively running, almost daily. With that good news, FitBit issued an update to iOS devices with its new feature, which you can now log your exercise, but only limited to Run, Walk & Hike.  You can not add anything else, such as cycling. 

  • Beautiful Day at UPNM

    The army camp in Sungai Besi brings back fond memories for me when I was in standard 5, which my neighbor successfully recruited into Royal Military College (RMC), he was the only Chinese at that time, out of 200 new recruits.  His parents liked to bring us, boys to visit him during the weekend.  Later, we realized it was for the parents to show off a bit about how proud they were, because their son was the only non-Bumi made it. Well, that was history. 

  • Run for the Nation (an event that requires runners to run & pray at the same time)

    After the launch three months ago, Run for the Nation (RunNat) event is getting closer to the actual event. The event scheduled on Saturday, October 10, 2009 (no intention to be coinsided with MCA’s EGM), is taken from the scripture John 10:10. This year event attracted 1,200 runners to run throughout Malaysia, covering approximate 1,010km across 13 states. The run will start at 5am, expected to end by 10am. Covering by at least 11 teams at each region. Our team has been scheduled to run at 6:20am, from Puncak Jalil to Jalan Kinrara 6, before passing the prayer card to the next team. Each team is required to run 5km.…

  • Looking Things from Different Perspective

    I remembered one of the rule of preventing or overcoming conflict is looking at issue one at a time.  I would like to suggest another preventing or overcoming method – looking things from different perspective.  How?  Let me share with you an experience I had this morning. My regular route for running is from the house, around the entire neighborhood, about 1km per lap.  The counter clockwise route that I have been on for about 1 year, I decided to change the route to clockwise this morning.  It was hard at first as it broke the routine and also I would need to pay more attention to the cars that were coming…