• Sabah Lunch + Fellowship = Blessed CSR Initiative

    Always in for a surprise when coming to working on corporate social responsibility related initiative for our client.  I went to Kota Kinabalu with my colleague few days ago for Ayam Brand Community Care Initiative 2012 with the theme ‘Convenient, Nutritious & Healthy Meals for Charity’ , which is a fifth year running campaign by the brand.  For Sabah, we have selected Montfort Youth Training Centre as the host of the event, with the participation of Montfort as well as Pusat Kebajikan Care Haven, Rumah Kanak-kanak Kota Kinabalu and Yayasan Kebajikan Suria.  

  • When you are enjoying the seafood, think about the environmental effect

    Seafood, many likes it, some can’t have or too much of it, as it could cause skin allergy. However, I like seafood since I was young, especially fish.  More so, steamed fish.  But I am the type that would eat fish excessively, I am more like a person who is concerned about the balance diet.  Wait a minute, some of you would not agree with me.  All right, I tried, ok? I have the privilege of joining our client, Brother International Malaysia on their company corporate social responsibility trip to Sandakan.  So just after our arrival, we would brought to Sim Sim Seafood, where all food served here is pork…

  • Stay Clean & Healthy with Antabax CSR Pilot Project

    Antabax, a trusted and innovative antibacterial personal care range of body wash and hand cleansing products is providing 24-hour all day 99.9% antibacterial protection and greater peace of mind to consumers in Sabah through the Stay Clean & Healthy with Antabax Corporate Social Responsibility pilot project that was launched at City Mall, Kota Kinabalu. The pilot project will see selected hospitals in Kota Kinabalu namely Rafflesia Medical Centre, Damai Specialist Hospital and Sabah Medical Centre, supplied with Antabax products and education materials for use in common areas. The campaign is set to reach more than 50,000 hospital staff, patients and general visitors.

  • Whatever the situation, He is there

    Sometimes we wonder why one has to go through difficult situation or scene that one does not expect.  However, after reading Book of Esther 3, 4, 5 & 6, it is clear that things happened so that one would or could see God’s presence clearly.  Or, simply, He exists.

  • Ayam Brand『全国社群关爱行动』砂拉越和沙巴市三家机构受惠

    拥 有 117 年 悠 久 历 史,旗 下 罐 头 食 品 皆 以 营 养 丰 富、 不 含 防 腐 剂 和 味 精 (MSG) 而 深 受 大 马 家 庭 喜 爱 的 Ayam Brand,将 透 过 为 期 2 个 月 的『2009 年 度 社 群 关 爱 行 动』(“Community Care Campaign 2009” ), 为 全 国 30 家 慈 善 机 构 的 近1 千 6百 名 弱 势 儿 童、 障 友 和 贫 苦 老 人, 献 上 健 康 营 养 的 膳 食。 将 惠 泽 我 国9 个 地 区 的 慈 善 组 织 之『Ayam Brand 2009…