• Reebonz Partners The Dream Boyz’ FS On The Dreams Do Come True Campaign

    Reebonz (pronounced ‘ribbons’), Asia’s trusted online shopping destination for buying and selling the widest variety of luxury brands is set to reward its members with RM18,000 in luxury products and cash vouchers this Lunar New Year through its Dreams Do Come True Campaign.

  • No One Should Cycle Without A Helmet

    Accident could happen at anytime. I remember once my colleague whom loss her car, had her brother to send her to work, got knocked down by a pick-up truck and he just recovered fully after 1 year. We really do not know when accident could happen.  Accident would cost the life, time, emotion and many other things.  Redza also told us about his ride buddy who died in a car accident while cycling to Genting Sempah, meeting up with him and the rest. It’s God’s timing.  We will never know. I remember in each and every ride, I normally will pray at the beginning of the ride, whether I am…

  • Hill Training, with Cycling Buddies, Ciclismo Amici Style

    5 of us gathered at Pekan Batu 18 of Hulu Langat.  Actually from my car speedometer, the place is about 55KM from my house. I guess without the traffic jam and really slow drivers in the village, I should have been able to arrive the meeting in less than 30mins.  Well, it took me 45mins.  Can’t blame, as the Hulu Langat prefers their leisure time of driving.  Which, in a way, city folks, need to learn. I could post the Garmin route as I forgot to turn off the device, and it recorded my whole journey to home, then to Pedal Spot etc, LOL. About the ride, we started with…

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