• Butter Project, NFC, Vest, USB Protection – MobileFest Meet Highlights

    “The custom ROM is available everywhere, but only Galaxy Nexus official ROM provides the real and only Butter Project, of which is smoother and faster.” said Benny Lee, a retired corporate, and now tech enthusiast, at MobileFest September Meet. While I was searching for the new experience of Jelly Bean, I could only rely on Galaxy Nexus, of which a phone manufactured by Samsung, although I am not a fan of Samsung product, nor an Android, I decided to try.  At least spend some of my time on Android, before I could totally dislike it.  I think Android deserve a chance to let me to get to know it. Amongst…

  • Finally We TouchPad

    Not a fan of HP products.  I remember the very first aboutcom’s laptop that we bought for myself was a Compaq, which was already owned by HP when we got it.  I remember the endless trips to HP service centre then located in Damansara Heights, long q, terrible customer service.  One thing for sure it was good, the breakfast spread for clients, while waiting. And of course, the expensive repair bills, which later we switched to some other brands.  Eventually, just with Mac. It is truly unfortunate of how Palm ran its business, and got HP to buy the brand, and killed it. So, I decided to buy a history…

  • How you keep in touch?

    During discussion with CWA and CIMB this afternoon, I received a call from a very well known listed company owner and chairman, asking if I have received his email, sent by his secretary.  Not to be rude to him while we were in serious money and financial discussion, I politely informed him that from the last check on my BlackBerry, I did not receive anything from him nor his secretary. Of course I was curious about the call, as the chairman of this company has not been calling personally like this since the last time when his daughter got married.  So, my immediate feel was that it must be his…

  • Alive Together, Running Together

    We woke up before 5am and left the house before 6am, arrived at Sentul Park before 6:30am.  But the traffic was very heavy especially on the way to Alive Together Easter Sunrise Service 2011.  Since we came prepared (with our running and walking shoes), we parked the car in VIVA Residency and walked over to Sentul Park.  I think it was about 2.5km or less.  The main challenges were the air pollution, which many buses heading towards the main event venue, followed by very narrow walk way, which not suitable for large group. 

  • Tasting New Berry

    Just when you are thinking about me ‘tasting’ a new berry, you may stop that now.  The berry is black, it is my new BlackBerry Torch 9800. BlackBerry Torch 9800 is running on RIM’s latest OS – version 6.0. At a glance, I do not see nor feel difference at all with this new OS, other than, it does not include Chinese character input and Asian font encoding, i.e. unable to read nor type Chinese character.  

  • Why do we fall?

    While hanging out with Elijah, Ariel and Inez at the park earlier, Elijah fell twice while riding the AirSurfer. I asked him during the first fall, “Are you ok?” “Don’t worry dad, I am fine.” He got up and continued to surf. He fell again for the second time, this time harder, as his glasses flew and his body thrown on the grass.  I asked him, “Are you ok?”  “Don’t worry dad.  Some cuts, but I am fine.”  He got up and continued to surf. Lesson to learn from experience like this – never ever, give up even fell hard.

  • Time Zone, and the Difference

    While in Phuket, one thing we noticed a huge difference is the timing.  Maybe we are different time zone, but when the tour agency for the Phi Phi Island trip mentioned five minutes, it was actually half an hour. Other than the Westin Airport transfers which were very on time, the rest of the timing seems kind of out. For example, the tailor’s transporter mentioned 5pm, but actually came at 5:30pm. For Westin house keeping – right away, means 30mins. Interesting, but one thing we should not learn.