• Doing homework, doing it right

    School holiday is over, and kids back to school. Many parents (like us) will be or already busy with helping the kids with home work or school work. Most of the time, Inez would do her home work by herself (Sri Lanka and Chinese genes are strong). This evening, she handed me some books to run through to check if she would be able to answer the questions on the home work correctly.  So I went through the books.  I realised, home work is actually a really good time for parent and kids to get together.  Like spending quality time together. What I think would work really well for ‘New…

  • Healthy nutritious meal, learn and prepared by kids

    What most parents would do in stopping their younger kids from entering into the kitchen to assist, simply, the parents worry that the kids may mess up the kitchen as well as slowing the food preparation process. I remember when I was growing up, my mother actually needed us to be in the kitchen, why?  She really needed help.  We did not have fancy kitchen equipments, so a lot more manual and labor work were required in the kitchen.  So my mother will always got me and my elder brother next to her to prepare lunch, dinner. 

  • Antabax National CLAP Competition Rewards Winners With RM32,000 in Cash Prizes!

    The winners of the Antabax National CLAP competition deserve a round of applause in addition to the RM32,000 that winners from four categories clapped their way to in a competition that has successfully promoted hand hygiene in schools, colleges and to the general public. Organised by Antabax, a trusted and innovative antibacterial personal care range in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia and the Ministry of Health Malaysia, the competition saw hundreds of entries that made it clear that Malaysians have talent.

  • What now?

    Seriously, I am not too sure what is going on with the two sons.  If the school is complaining about their attitudes, I have met their schoolmates which are too harder to handle.  So why them? Received a call from the school discipline teacher yesterday about one of the son.  All the things the school wanted to penalize him were surrounded by his likeness to drawings.  He drawn on a school wall and because of that, I have told the school that he would stayed back to clean it, all of them. I remember occasionally my father and mother would be at our schools to meet the principal because of mischievous actions.  Certainly not…

  • Taking the role of transporting the sons seriously

    Yesterday, I followed up with the transporter, whom has indicated his interest to take our sons.  After he told me the service charge per child is RM600 a month and they are required to stand throughout the journey as his van is already packed with students.  The total charges would work out to RM1,200 a month for both our sons.  It is about a total of 18km for both ways, and I calculated his charges would be RM60 a day, for about 20 days, approximately RM3.33 per km a day. I told the gentlemen who shared the charges with me, “Thanks, nice talking to you.”

  • School Violence

    I am not sure why whenever I downloaded AC360 podcasts and watch them on the go, always ended up with at least one topic on school violence, such as bullies, murders etc.  Is it true that school gangs are getting fierce and willing to challenge the authority so that to prove they could be smarter?