• Welcome to Puchong, 2.0

    I started Welcome To Puchong Facebook page a few years ago, when I was doing it with a few others.  It did not last.  Mainly, I was generating and developing the content, as well as promoting the page, alone. Just kind of like another tech enthusiast group I started with others, after a while, it was me running it alone, with the help of Retna, as well as our twins. As you are probably figuring things out now, I prefer a family run kind of startup.  Maybe it is about commitment from others, which I think could have taken a toll on some. So I went quiet for a while,…

  • Walking with Leica at night in Bandar Puchong Jaya.

    Our dear daughter has the ballet class at night, for an hour of waiting, instead of like most of the parents would do – waiting at the cafe or the ballet school with their phones, I chose to walk about, to digest the dinner I just had with Inez.  Better still, I brought the Leica along, as well as Fleet Foxes, streamed wirelessly on the bluetooth earphones. I talked to the helper at the food trucks before taking these pictures, as I think street photography should be given utmost care in terms of people privacy.  No one should be photographed without knowing that they are. I walked to the food…

  • Leica D-LUX.

    Somethings happened by chance, just like us meeting Leica, and then owning one, and love using it.  We attended a customer dinner hosted by the bank, while many things there were from Germany, including the BMW, handbags, luxury products etc, not many visited Leica, so we did, since I love taking photographs.  The product specialist shown us a few cameras for us to try on, while I love the DSLR type, I am not prepared to spend above RM15k on a camera, just yet. So I arranged with the Leica Malaysia team to order D-LUX, which is a portable, non changeable lens digital camera. Took some weeks for the camera…

  • x times to Kuala Kubu Bharu

    Yes, we have been to Kuala Kubu Bharu many times. We were there the first time in 2013, you can check our visit here, here and here. All the times we were there, we did the same things – food, and then more food.  Of course we also spent the time at the beautiful water dam. This time round, we went there without the twins, as one of them was not well, so the other twin offered to stay back to take care of his brother. The drive to Kuala Kubu Bharu was smooth, until we passed Rawang, which then was a bit of a slow traffic, well, it is…

  • Healthy nutritious meal, learn and prepared by kids

    What most parents would do in stopping their younger kids from entering into the kitchen to assist, simply, the parents worry that the kids may mess up the kitchen as well as slowing the food preparation process. I remember when I was growing up, my mother actually needed us to be in the kitchen, why?  She really needed help.  We did not have fancy kitchen equipments, so a lot more manual and labor work were required in the kitchen.  So my mother will always got me and my elder brother next to her to prepare lunch, dinner. 

  • The Sound Of Music featuring Ariel and his choir

    Do Re Mi, Edelweiss as well as the Prelude of the movie, OMG, among my all time favorite songs. I used to sing those songs and one of them Edelweiss, which I then won the first prize in the school singing competition. So Ariel’s choir was selected to perform together with the Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra and Kuen Cheng Orchestra which took place on March 5, Saturday at MBPJ Civic Hall.

  • Amalkan Budaya Cuci Tangan (ABC)

    A new campaign that was jointly launched by Antabax and Hospital Sg Buloh has a simple life lesson for everyone to learn for their hygiene, health and happiness, which is to Always Be Clean (ABC). The ABC of Back-To-School Health campaign that was launched at Hospital Sg Buloh, here today aims to inculcate better hygiene habits among Year One students by teaching them the basics of good hand hygiene, and giving them role models in the form of older students from Kelab Dr Muda to model their behavior on.