• World Class, Low Class

    I seldom travel abroad, normally when there is such opportunity, it is for family trip. We love traveling abroad, not because we do not find any where interesting to visit in Malaysia, in fact we cover many places in our beloved country from time to time, the one we all love the most – Penang. So, coming back on the traveling, why I brought this up, simply, I noticed how bad our international airports are, as compares to the other countries, which I have been to. 

  • Food to Indulge in Dengkil

            Sometimes, we travelled so far for great experience.  Neglecting what are the places and experiences that may be so close to us. Have passed by Dengkil many time while on our way to the airports.  Never stop to look at this little busy town, so we decided to have a look at it on the New Year’s Day. It was about 20mins drive from our home. Anyway, we went to Cendol Bakar first to have some really sweet dessert.  IMHO, it is not nice at all.  Seriously overhyped.   We went to Restoran Sinki after to have an early lunch. Not too sure what to order,…

  • Weekend that seems long now it’s @ the end, but great

    Have waited for the long holiday, of which many have enjoyed and now is the time to get back to work, school etc. We planned on a home stay, but was affected when found out the place we stay does not have air-conditioner and the weather has been very hot, of which baby Inez might not be able to handle at such young age. We ended up having family visitation to our house as well as to mom’s, sister in laws etc. The fellowship has been great, off course the food as well.