• 6 charity homes in Negeri Sembilan receive 2 months’ supply of Ayam Brand products.

    Ayam Brand™, famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free canned products is celebrating its 125th anniversary with a nationwide initiative themed, ‘We Care, We Are Family’. The anniversary celebration coincides with the 10th consecutive Ayam Brand™ Charity Campaign. This year’s charity campaign will reach 60 charity homes in 11 locations across Malaysia and Brunei, providing 324,000 healthy meals for charity. Over ten years the Ayam Brand™ Charity Campaign has benefitted close to 18,000 people from 422 charity organizations – providing them with 1,080,000 healthy meals! The sixty charity homes, 57 from across Malaysia and 3 from Brunei Darussalam received Ayam Brand™ tuna, mackerel, kernel corn, processed peas,…

  • Healthy Tuna Meals For Charity

    Ayam Brand™, famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free canned products will be providing 280,000 healthy tuna meals for charity via its annual corporate social responsibility program.

  • Explore the Potential While They Are Young

    Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it, Proverbs 22:6. The context in Proverbs is child, not anyone.  Specifically a child.  It is utmost vital to train a child when he or she is young.  I remember a printing course sharing that shared, a child is almost without any freedom to choose until he or she reaches 8.  I find that partially true, for perhaps until when the child is 4 or 5.  It is crucial for the parents to educate the child to make decision, yes, simple decision right from start. I seldom work on rewarding our…

  • For the good cause

    Our client friend invited us for church fund raising on Sunday, May 2, 2011 in Seremban.  At first we were just thinking of supporting the fund raising by buying the coupons, later Retna suggested to bake muffins and sell them at the fair. So, Retna got the muffins baked at home, more than 100 and we got all of them sold.  Glory to God.  I was approached by a kind buyer of muffins that he is keen to start a home baked muffin business in Seremban.  He wanted to meet us to explore further 🙂 Another reason we got ourselves involved in this fund raising fair was for our sons…

  • Thanks for the invitations to your homes

    Thank you very much to our family members, friends who have came to our home during the Chinese New Year as well as invited us over to your homes during the festive season. I hope you have enjoyed the meals served at our home.  We enjoyed very much the meals that you have provided while we were with you. It has been such a blessed time to be around with all of you and I pray that let this fellowship not to be only during Chinese New Year, but all year round. God bless you.