• Tried Viet

    Between Thai food and Vietnamese, I always prefer the earlier. Why?  More my kind of taste as it serves with pork, mainly.  Not that Vietnamese do not like pork, but they are much better with beef, which I generally prefer to have beef with burger. So Retna and I walked along the restaurant at SetiaWalk, as we wanted to buy some fruits after the lunch at RedTicks. The owner of Absolute Viet came out approaching and explaining the signature dishes of the restaurant.  We stopped and listened to the explanation. Before long, we looked at the owner, said, “Yes, we will have it.”

  • Movies. Rewards. And More. What?? What More??

    I joined the TGV Movie Club.  I must say, I actually prefer TGV over GSC, even though the later is an associated company of my brother’s current work place. So, even in the family, we got to decide and choose what we like in life. Took up the membership from the TGV iOS app on my phone few days ago, as we wanted to watch The Hobbit – The Battle of Five Armies.  So, registered online, and then led to the online payment page of RM28.  Wanting to check what RM28 comprises of.  Nothing, no information whatsoever on the phone app.