• Pesta Makan-Makan!

    Food enthusiasts can look forward to sampling an array of tantalizing traditional and modern delicacies this July, all for as low as RM1 at the Kimball’s first ever ‘Pesta Makan-Makan’ Food Carnival that will be held at the Setia City Park, Shah Alam, come July 23 from 9:30am onwards. The picnic-in-a-park styled event is a must-attend for families and foodies alike, as it will feature food and more food in the ‘Tambah Selera’ zone, games for the family and stage activities in the ‘Tambah Ceria’ zone, a chill-out section called the ‘Tambah Relaks’ zone, and attractive Kimball promotions in the ‘Tambah Rasa’ zone.

  • Mac User Group Meet Jan 2011, hosted by Kaspersky Lab

    Thanks to Kaspersky Lab for agreeing to host the Malaysia Mac User Group Meet for Jan 2011 on Saturday, Jan 15, 2011.  We have Rain, jeyadev, IanCheong, marathon, kuanyoon, bennylee, Mok, Jesmond, samueltan, Ariel, Elijah joining the first meet of the year. Rain started the iPad gaming demo (I missed out the photograph that time, alamak).  Pretty impressive especially the game that looks like Prince of Persia (sorry, I forgot the name, not a gaming person) on a big screen.  Just so exciting to watch.  During Rain’s demonstration, iancheong said, “We don’t need Nintendo Wii!”  I have to agree.  Anyone looking for Nintendo Wii?  🙂