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School Holiday is Back (again)

From the last round of short school holiday, both Elijah and Ariel have been lobbying for things they could do during the school holiday:-

Movies – this is acceptable perhaps once a week

Classes – they have enrolled themselves to a two-day robotic class organised by SJK (C) Ladang Harcroft.  They passed me the payment advice from school Continue reading School Holiday is Back (again)

IOI Properties Serena?

Not sure whether these are the new Serena by IOI Properties.

Some snap shots while went for a walk with Jackie [Retna’s lovely dog] earlier.

2 1/2 storey semi-d that should be completed by end of this year, or perhaps before.  Zen design and modern layout with thoughtful plan for family that requires a lot space.  This project is just next to a hill side and also adjacent to SJK (C) Ladang Harcroft.

Parents of Ladang Harcroft that currently live further, could consider this piece of property – really walking distance.

It is nice, but I think the selling price should be even “nicer”.  🙂

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Maybe not this tuition centre/teacher

Wanting to share this last night, but too tired.

Saw a tuition centre teacher left his car engine running while running inside the kiosk to make fuel payment.  Came back to his and got the fuel filled, then realised that he left his car key with the engine on but the car door was locked.

As you can see from the picture, he was trying whatever technique available to open his car door including car jacking with the assistance by the kiosk personnel.  However the personnel gave up half way.

Lessons to learn from this incident.

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Judging a Book by Its “Cover”?

Dislike him because he is born cross-cultural and race?

Received several calls and speaking to by the school teachers regarding having our children transferred to another school as they have been trouble makers at school.  Although have been asked the definition of “trouble-maker” and have been informed as follows:-

  • Unable to follow instruction – sounds like every other child to me 
  • Expressed unhappiness – through words and sentences
  • Slightly more “street smart” than some in class and school 
  • Better in talking with others – like making deals 

Both our sons have been informed by the parents through the school that we should not let them participate in any of the after school activities as they are unable to work or learn in the class.  Worst still as some of these parents are from the committee or sub-committee of the parent teachers association, of which most of their children are well received in school although they behave otherwise. 

Another reason that we found out about the problem that our kids faced is because they have Chinese names but they look otherwise.  They are being known as “Burnt Toast” or 烧焦.  I am sure this is not the only place [Ladang Harcroft] where such comment was made.  My cousins, nephews and nieces probably went through the same when they were and are in school or perhaps at the work place.  

I remember in M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, where Shyamalan’s role as one of the Indian fan to the Super Bowl of which he has stopped by David Dunn, a role played by Bruce Willis.  The remark from Shyamalan was interesting, “you stop me because I am an Indian?”  

Racial discrimination is everywhere although some tries to deny it from being existed.  However in a school setup, it is rather disappointing.  

Thanks for the school for single compliment to Retna and I, ready for the kids even have to take time off from work to help our kids at school when they encountered problems.  

Walking alone?

Well, if we do not do it, who will?  [also we have no maid to delegate such task to]

Also the school has mentioned that it is easier to get in touch or contact us as compare to other parents.  Just a suggestion to parents of Ladang Harcroft, there is many ways to get in touch with other parents like us, you could Google “Ladang Harcroft”, my blog entries are there so does my contact.