• Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this solemn moment

    Taken from Nalanda. Pindacāra, the practice of collecting alms-food, is observed by Theravada Buddhist monks who have gone forth from ‘home-life’ to ‘homelessness’. A Buddhist monk is known in Pāli Language as a ‘bhikkhu’ – meaning ‘one who lives on alms’. In Buddhist countries such as Thailand and Myanmar, it is a daily ritual for monks to go on Pindacāra, where they walk through a village from one household to another, allowing devotees to make food offerings. With Pindacāra, Buddhist monks need not worry about food and this afford them time to ponder and practise the Dhamma.  Since the time of the Buddha, lay people have been supporting monks this…

  • He made it, yes!

    I just seen the fruit after many Sundays that I have invested – waiting for our sons at Summit USJ. Today, Ariel won his first ever Creative Robotic challenge.  The theme for the week was Ball Sports. Whatever the challenge, whether easy or difficult, complicated or not, I am just glad they have achieved something. I thank God for His wisdom upon the children. Amen.