• Oldest Malay School in the Country

    As usual, I always enjoy the work travel. Although sometimes the schedule and work, clients demands could be high, but hey, that is why we are engaged to do the jobs, right? I always find the things around me, the stresses, the yelling at etc, I could handle them well with things around me. This time, a really short work trip to Pulau Pinang, I witnessed the oldest Malay school in the country – Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Gelugor, which has been in existence since 1826.  

  • Amalkan Budaya Cuci Tangan (ABC)

    A new campaign that was jointly launched by Antabax and Hospital Sg Buloh has a simple life lesson for everyone to learn for their hygiene, health and happiness, which is to Always Be Clean (ABC). The ABC of Back-To-School Health campaign that was launched at Hospital Sg Buloh, here today aims to inculcate better hygiene habits among Year One students by teaching them the basics of good hand hygiene, and giving them role models in the form of older students from Kelab Dr Muda to model their behavior on.