• Sandbox, On The Cloud, Saving Big Bucks For Your Business

    I came across this update from Kaspersky Lab, which I think it is pretty exciting for companies which are posed with threats, especially when threats are getting more complicated and sophisticated. The brand launched Cloud Sandbox with the following highlights:- No additional hardware investments, so saving on CAPEX Subscription base, so when you do not need it anymore, just stop.  Imagine the amount of hardware you need to think what to do with them when you switch system Detonate suspicious files in a virtual environment, instead of at your own hardware and the risks, oh boy, too high Overall, you also get the best security expert minds at your side…

  • HomePod

    I love music. Retna and I share about the same taste in music.  Not that all the genre we could listen together, but we have some common artists we listen together on regular basis. I also have music I listen to with our kids. When AirPlay first arrived on the iOS, we opted for KLIPSCH KMC 3, which is a portable speaker, with super great sub woofer, which we played it outdoor a lot when washing the cars.  We then placed it inside the living room, for anyone to enjoy the great sound of music. Later through a trip to Taipei, we discovered Bangs and Olufsen, which was installed inside…

  • Seemless Experiences

    I agree that there is no way we could replace human touch. There is way how we could screw the human being, by being human being. When I asked the chatbot on Facebook, Airmail for troubleshooting, I always get replies.  In fact the machine learning already kind of advance (ok this is not new), that the questions I asked, the chatbot could already find the closest responses to assist.  May not be the most accurate, but there are some helps. I ordered a Grab today, for me to head to the NAZA Euro service centre to collect the beloved DS5 (routine service).  Got the driver (yay), then he cancelled the…

  • ATM Theft.

    Hmm, should you been to South Korea during this period, then take note. Following a detailed malware analysis, Kaspersky Lab researchers have connected a 2016 cyberespionage attack on South Korea’s defense agency with a later attack that infected 60 ATMs and stole the data from over 2,000 credit cards. Further, the malicious code and techniques used in both attacks share similarities with earlier attacks widely attributed to the infamous Lazarus group, responsible for series of devastating attacks against commercial and government organizations around the world. In August 2016, a cyberattack on South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense infected around 3,000 hosts. The Defense Agency reported (Korean) the incident publically in…

  • Let’s Come Here and Talk Tech

    After some months, a really long one, like more than a year, I guess, we held a meet up at Teh Tarik Place @ Citta Mall on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Good to meet the familiar faces of Alan, Ian, Kevin and Benny (whom came with his spouse for a day trip).  We are glad to meet Emmanuel, Hafiz, Loy and BC (or KC) joining us for the first time. We had some fun time with the 360 cameras, VR gear as well as augmented reality shared by Loy, an app developer.

  • Enter The Goat Year in MobileFest Style

    The Year of the Goat MobileFest meet just took place yesterday. We have mainly the wearables in this meet, same as the last meet and the previous one.  This is the trend, how technology evolve.  Perhaps in the next one or two meets, we would be talking about technology implanting 🙂 

  • French Beauty

    Was at work for a PR event which organised by our agency in Sungai Buloh.  The venue of the event is generally hard to find any car park lot.  More so, we reserved many for the media, so instead of us taking the lot, we parked further, so the media coming for the event do not need to walk so far to park, nor to waste their time searching for the car park.