• (Several) One Night In Bangkok

    We were in Bangkok in September for a short trip.  Decided to come back again during Christmas.  Wanting to experience the Christmas atmosphere at a city of which would expect the most influx of tourists during the Christmas and New Year period. The journey leaving Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 was a breeze, thinking the airport would be packed.  Anyway, it was packed. However, the MAHB and the airline companies have done a good job in ensuring all passengers welfare are taken off.  Though the toilet lines are rather long, especially for female.  The security checking was smooth, as compared to two weeks ago I was at the same airport.…

  • Adhere 13th Blues Bar

    We met our friend in Bangkok in our recent trip at Adhere 13th Blues Bar, which is located at Samsen Road.  We had hard time searching for it, as our Grab driver dropped us 150 meters away from the bar. Adhere 13th Blues Bar is located just opposite a flyover bridge.  You would see an old junk shop and probably confused over the entrance.  However, no fret, it is just next to the junk shop.  It is a narrow shop lot, with small stools for the patrons to enjoy the music.  It is best you get there earlier, as the place filled up very fast.  Adhere 13th Blues Bar is…

  • METALEX Brings Opportunities for Auto Industry Throughout ASEAN

    At the Press Conference held at the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, 22nd September 2015, HE Mr. Damrong Kraikruan Ambassador of Thailand to Malaysia sets the tone with his keynote speech The Collaboration between Thailand and Malaysia in AEC – that the Thai government is keen to promote trade and services between the two countries including product sourcing, fairs and establishing networks to expand business opportunities. Thus METALEX 2015 – ASEAN’s largest Metal working exhibition is among the most prominent exhibition that offers updated technology and networking and sourcing opportunities.

  • After a great getaway

    It is only fare that we come back to the reality of life – work, make money to feed the family, kids, taking care of the kids, sending them to schools, although they hate schools, feed them food, make them meals, take them around, learning together blah blah blah. But it is good to be away, although for a really short duration, as it reflects on our lives what we may have missed out, during the busyness.  

  • Visiting Sarasin Bridge

    After a short tour of the Mai Khao Beach, Retna and I drove to Sarasin Bridge, which next to it has a really nice seafood restaurant, which I believe is catered for tourists, however, with the reasonable pricing, it is still worthwhile to eat there. The food was served pretty fast, so we went for a walk after the early dinner so we could catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset on Sarasin Bridge.

  • Redefining Luxury Resort

    When Marriot told us that it is the most luxury resort in the world, we sort of believe, or probably chose to believe at that point of time. Well, not anymore. We were looking for Inez’ cardigan for some days, then Retna told me to contact Marriot Mai Khao Beach housekeeping team to check if the item was left behind. Took the team some weeks to come back, and yes, the cardigan was found.

  • ขอขอบคุณคุณ Kob Khun Krap

    Well, we are back.  Back to where the land is filled with milk and honey – Puchong. We brought back the sweet memory of Phuket, Thailand, its hospitality, food, ice-cream and of course the beautiful resort and beaches.

  • Great Dane In Hua Hin Night Market

    The Hua Hin Night Market, is a popular shopping district in Hua Hin, which the visitors could shop for apparel, souvenirs, home furnishing items, accessories and of course food – native style seafood, which would be cooked on the spot.  Some of the cuisine I saw includes lobsters, prawns, squids, fish, clams, mussels, pork ribs was also on the menu.  Thai loves pork, and I am glad I am Chinese in Thailand, because I love pork too 🙂