I have taken ferry many times in Penang. Since I was born here, I remember we only stop taking ferry when the first bridge was built in 80s.  However, we back to taking ferry, due to the nostalgic value. It is always an amazing time to spend, like 10 minutes on the ferry, from one […]

Vatican City, An Overview

According to Vatican City official website, Vatican City State was founded following the signing of the Lateran Pacts between the Holy See and Italy on February 11th 1929. These were ratified on June 7th 1929. Its nature as a sovereign State distinct from the Holy See is universally recognized under international law. In this tiny and world’s smallest state, it […]

Driving in Rome, Graduated If You Still Alive.

The Rome trip has been fruitful and great. The Tan-Vijayans really enjoyed themselves, so do we, Retna and I. We took a flight from KLIA, and then transited in Dubai, before reaching Rome, or the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.  The whole journey – about 14 hours of flight time.  We were lucky to have a […]

My Instagram

What app to launch? #Apple #AppleWatch A post shared by Samuel Tan (@hisamueltan) on Apr 19, 2016 at 10:03pm PDT After much considerations, I decided to separate my Instagram account from my regular Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The pictures I have taken, I could tell more stories just through the pictorial.  Without much explanation.  Just […]