• The Pope Blessing on Vatican City

    Sunday in Rome, the best place to be, other than on bed, is the St Peter’s Square of which at 12noon, Pope Francis will bless the crowd. You need to understand Italian and Latin to enjoy the full blessing.  Or, turn on the Google Translate with the voice recording to the effect. Just like the Roman Catholic services I have attended, it is very structure, nothing to be filled with the spirit.  So, the time is also structured in the way which one knows when to end. Pope Francis brought 2 young students with him to read out the blessings. There is really no ideal or better spot at the…

  • Vatican City, An Overview

    According to Vatican City official website, Vatican City State was founded following the signing of the Lateran Pacts between the Holy See and Italy on February 11th 1929. These were ratified on June 7th 1929. Its nature as a sovereign State distinct from the Holy See is universally recognized under international law. In this tiny and world’s smallest state, it has 800 citizens, with 450 of them are the Vatican citizen, the rest are allowed to reside there. Vatican also has its own coin and stamps, but when we were there, the souvenir shops inside Vatican City accept only Euro. I am not too sure how to take a public transport to Vatican City, but…

  • Driving in Rome, Graduated If You Still Alive.

    The Rome trip has been fruitful and great. The Tan-Vijayans really enjoyed themselves, so do we, Retna and I. We took a flight from KLIA, and then transited in Dubai, before reaching Rome, or the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.  The whole journey – about 14 hours of flight time.  We were lucky to have a short transit in Dubai.  So less waiting. Arrived in Rome at about 6:25pm, and the hotel transfer came to pick us up at the same time.  We reached the hotel in less than 20mins, mainly the driver drove really fast. It is like, one just want to drive fast for the sake of driving fast.…

  • x times to Kuala Kubu Bharu

    Yes, we have been to Kuala Kubu Bharu many times. We were there the first time in 2013, you can check our visit here, here and here. All the times we were there, we did the same things – food, and then more food.  Of course we also spent the time at the beautiful water dam. This time round, we went there without the twins, as one of them was not well, so the other twin offered to stay back to take care of his brother. The drive to Kuala Kubu Bharu was smooth, until we passed Rawang, which then was a bit of a slow traffic, well, it is…

  • My Instagram

    What app to launch? #Apple #AppleWatch A post shared by Samuel Tan (@hisamueltan) on Apr 19, 2016 at 10:03pm PDT After much considerations, I decided to separate my Instagram account from my regular Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The pictures I have taken, I could tell more stories just through the pictorial.  Without much explanation.  Just like letting the pictures speak a thousand if hundred of words.

  • The hottest

    It is hot.  I mean the weather in Malaysia at the moment. It was also hot when we were in Perth.  It did not take us any preparation to get use to the weather when we were there.  Why?  Because Malaysia is generally hotter than most places in the world.  Except Middle East, right?

  • Great sleep, rest, and great meal

    Some friends asked where did we stay when we were in Taipei.  Although I was tempted to stay in a non conventional hotel which is really old, like more than 70 years, but then we thought about the comfort as well as the convenience, we chose Hotel Eclat. Why?  The TripAdvisor reviewers said this is one of the unique hotel in Taipei. So let’s begin on the short intro.

  • Anniversary Lunch @ Shinyeh 欣葉, Taipei 101

    Shinyeh 欣葉, recommended by the hotel concierge when we asked where should we head for meal, be it lunch or dinner at Taipei 101.  Of course looking at Retna, the concierge immediately recommended the Italian cuisine.  Of which, Retna informed the concierge with a smile on her face, “I love Chinese food, I am married to one,” So the team then suggested Shinyeh, which when I researched online, found that many have claimed it is over hyped and the food was over rated blah blah. Anyway, I remember seeing Shinyeh at Sentosa Singapore when we were there for the Universal Studio last year.  So, we went with Shinyeh.