• Staying a private villa at Ubud

    Retna and I were checking online for the places to stay in Bali.  So we shortlisted to things we like, surprisingly swimming pool was way ahead of beach, so we picked paddy field, nature, walking tour, arts etc. So Ubud fits the requirements for this family holiday. Looking for the right accommodation which does not cost a bomb, then we started looking everywhere, asking friends, etc.  And we found Private Villas Ubud Group, which is owned a group of Australians, who loves either having villas or homes in Ubud, or perhaps, started their own home stay business in Bali, which I think they have done it really well.

  • After a great getaway

    It is only fare that we come back to the reality of life – work, make money to feed the family, kids, taking care of the kids, sending them to schools, although they hate schools, feed them food, make them meals, take them around, learning together blah blah blah. But it is good to be away, although for a really short duration, as it reflects on our lives what we may have missed out, during the busyness.