• Have yet to decide, but most probably Android or Windows

    I know most schools, in fact all schools do not allow the carry of the mobilephones, more so smartphone with camera.  You know how kids can be so crazy about selfie in many ways. So, I am thinking of getting a safer approach mobile phone for our sons when they are entering into their secondary schools. Have yet decided, but I think a phone would be useful in terms of:- Contacting the parents Updating anything in case of emergency Light entertainment – musics, no games Apps that are useful for them – SaveMe999, MyTeksi Testing of apps, when they have figured out the ways to develop it

  • Family New Ride

    After several months of searching for the right family vehicle, test-driven, searching for the right deals, negotiations, asking ourselves what we really like, our new family vehicle will be coming in a week or two. This new family vehicle comprises of seven seats and would be our very first MPV in the family, and also the very first time we are buying a continental vehicle of which many would different perception towards. I guess could be like the switch from Microsoft Windows to Apple Macintosh?  The switch has been surprising, reliable and no looking back to Windows at the moment. One tip about searching for family vehicle, bring the kids along…