• Amps Air

    Have been admiring the wireless earpods, but did not find I like.  Tried the Apple EarPods when I was in Tokyo, find it kind of weird, to have earphones cord being cut off. While I was at Bic Camera in Osaka, a night before heading home to KL, I bought Sol Republic Amps Air. I first tried Sol Republic in 2012, when I was in Singapore for a work trip.  Before boarding I walked into tax free electronic shop to get a pair earphones for me to enjoy some music while coming back to KL.  I picked it. Sol Republic and I did not end up well.  The microphone constantly…

  • Finally, Getting It

    Thanks to Alvin, someone that I knew through Mac User Group for selling his Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard to me. The immediate impression is that, it is very small.  Or about the same size as the MBP keyboard size.  What I like about the keyboard?  The wireless connectivity with all Apple keyboard shortcuts that Mac users need.  

  • Still Mighty Mouse 还是苹果好

    After few weeks of using Microsoft Bluetooth Wireless Mouse, I have decided to go back to Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse.  Ordered it online and received it this morning. Apple really design the functionality of a mouse very well and works perfectly with Mac OS. Sorry Microsoft, tried it, but not working out well. Anyone, looking for Bluetooth mouse, please let me know.