• When the fault is not you, but you

    So finally my neighbor has acted.  He brought in a helper to chop down a fruit tree which has been here for past 7 years.  He threaten to do it year after year, and since then I thought he would never do it. After some time of hearing the same threat, I decided not to take notice of that anymore, which I choose to do the same for now. +++ We had a staff working in our team. Had, because the said staff is no longer on the team. The said staff is like cancer cell, which spread negative cell around, even team members whom have nothing to do also…

  • My Instagram

    What app to launch? #Apple #AppleWatch A post shared by Samuel Tan (@hisamueltan) on Apr 19, 2016 at 10:03pm PDT After much considerations, I decided to separate my Instagram account from my regular Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The pictures I have taken, I could tell more stories just through the pictorial.  Without much explanation.  Just like letting the pictures speak a thousand if hundred of words.

  • Talking about ambition

    I wanted to be a pilot.  I seriously wanted to.  However, I failed the computer game test.  All right, I suck on the computer games ok. So, wishing and thinking about becoming a doctor.  Well, too much competition and I did not get the grade which allow me to apply for the scholarship.  Also, my parents do not have any property to get rid of to pay for the expensive medical degree overseas. I just decided to do what I like to do and could make a living instead.

  • Meeting the Incompetence

    Last few weeks, have been called to meet new prospects, thanks to the recommendations as well as word of mouth from the partners and clients.

  • Brand Killers

    Seldom I share about work, mainly there is not much I want to talk about due to secrecy of our work. However, I will share from time to time about the marketing, public relations, especially what I have observed.  Hope something we could share our experiences. So let’s kick start the session with brand killer.

  • Being (told) Old

    Used to think how my parents, former colleagues, bosses etc would think about getting older. I have never felt old, in fact. But I have been told I am old, rather my thinking has been older, old fashion.  This hits me, hits me real hard. 

  • Nice break

    Ha ha ha, back to routine sounds so wrong. I actually quite my routine, or else I would have quit long time ago.  When many said it is hard to get back to work, I am working because I love it.  Also, the day to day work, it increases my wisdom in work, life as well as business.  Thank You Jesus for the opportunities 🙂