Tasting one of the best restaurants in Asia

Walking toward Ministry of Crab

I once made a reservation with gaggan in Bangkok, and was told the reservation has to be made via its website, which I did, then received no reply.  Called and was told needed 3 months advance notice.  We went to taste Michelin-starred dim sum, noodle etc instead in Hong Kong.

So I tried to make reservation with Ministry of Crab, not as bad, but I was told my reservation was too early (3 months), which they normally handle 30 days in advance.

Reservation card with a welcoming message?

Well, you know what, I decided not to make the reservation, and will just try our luck with the helpful service team of UGA Residences.

Guess what, the team at UGA got us a table for 8:30pm, and the restaurant said will only held it for us for 15mins.  To travel around Colombo on week day night, it is kind of reasonable, especially with the three wheeler (tuk-tuk).  The journey took less than 10 mins from UGA.

The staff is welcoming (or else I doubt it would had made it to the top 50 list in Asia), just that the place is very dark.  They put us at a table closed to the bar, which a large group of foreigners were drinking, eating crab (probably talking crap), so I asked for another table.  The serving team was quick enough to move us some where else.

Was immediately handed an iPad with selection of wine.  Actually we had so much wine while we were at the UGA, as opposite where we stayed is a really nice wine cellar – Park Street Gourmet with reasonable priced wine from every where in the world.  So, we skipped that and headed straight into the ordering of crab.  That was why we were there!

Asked the team for recommendations – curry crab and spicy garlic.  So, curry, spicy garlic, it is!

Food came in about 20 minutes, but we had lobster bisque as starter.  More like a meal itself.  The quarter lobster inside the soup is tasty.  It comes with 2 garlic bread, oh boy, just so yummy.

Curry Crab
Spicy Garlic Crab
Lobster Bisque

As soon as we were done with the lobster bisque, the team brought us the crab!

Crab is fresh and taste, just simply superb.

Love the food here.  We ordered some slice bread (local bread) to dim into the gravy.

Other than Crazy Crab (Ara Damansara), I also like eating at Ministry of Crab now.

With Retna at the restaurant